What my inner wisdom has taught me during my time off of social media

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In times, when circumstances go crazy, as we all know what happened recently, I choose to take time off of social media. It is a conscious decision I make so I take the opportunity to reflect and re-group.


As this crisis just began I was about to start with going Live on FB more often. But when it happened, I’m sure as many others too, I just blocked and felt overwhelmed with all the noise that flooded from everywhere around the world and kind of embraced everything around me in a flash. I need to be honest, I felt pretty much uncertain, or better said, I was taken with, of what consequences could happen (because of the current circumstances) than the virus itself.


When you think about it, actually no one knows exactly what will happen in the future because it hasn’t happened yet, right? So why not focus on the NOW and just be present?

During this break, I realized a few things I’d love to share with you:


1. We’ve been given the opportunity to slow down, reflect, re-group, see and feel even deeper than before. You won’t create anything in the most powerful way possible by getting in the middle of the noise, trying to catch up on everything, trying to listen to every piece of advice that’s been given out there, and trying to do it in a way everyone is telling you you should because that’s the right thing now. We create in the most powerful way when we tap into our inner power and wisdom.


2. Making decisions from a place of fear won’t get you anywhere near the life you want to live in because this will pass, but what stays is the results that happened because of those decisions.


3. Recently I listened to a talk by one of my favorite transformational coaches of a program I’m in. What struck my attention was something she said: we’re afraid to feel our feelings especially those that make us freak out or uncertain. But what if we ask ourselves „why am I feeling this? What is hiding behind those feelings?“. It’s kind of surrender to the feeling, look at what is teaching you, and then let it go. What if we look at it this way and use this as an opportunity for clarity and healing?


4. Going out there and give/share advice or tips for getting out of fear or what to do in uncertain times WHILE you’re in fear yourself and feel uncertain and stuck won’t help anyone. It actually can harm. I know, that’s not you, but unfortunately, there’s pretty huge noise out there now, and I know that most of the people just want to help. It is absolutely okay to take time off just to reflect and go deep so you can really discover what your role in this is. Listen to yourself and observe.
You may be amazed by what you’ll discover.


5. And last but not least: Balance your energy is a lifestyle!


If you’re an introvert, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Or at least I really hope so because that’s fundamental to know. Your energy needs to be balanced and refueled! We need to consciously manage our energy, take a pause to get silent, and allow our mind to recharge so you come back ready to give 100% again because only then you are the strongest, and only then you create in your most powerful way so you can serve not only your people but your vision as well.


That’s for me living your full potential.

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