”Fulfillment is a right and not a privilege.” -Simon Sinek

You have a strategy and an experience around your brand and have the tools in your hands to tell your story to the right people and get their attention. You have a road map where to start, and what to follow so you can take it from there. Your audience loves you, trusts you and can’t wait to work with you, buy your products and learn from you. What would you do if nothing stops you from achieving your dreams? What would your life look like? DREAM BIG FRIEND!
And let me help you go online and be seen as the go-to expert in your niche, build genuine deep connections with your people and handle the „what to post today“ challenge for you.

My friend, you already have everything you need to turn your life into one you’ve always imagined living and be the person you’re dreaming of becoming. The path starts by committing to your why and being intentional with your stories.

The one thing that seems to stop most people from following their dreams is getting started. But you know what? That's nonsense! It’s not knowing their WHY. Because your WHY is driving you forward, because of your WHY you’re staying up at night, and your WHY inspires others to do the same.

Picture this:

”Work that matters for people who care.” -Seth Godin

Running your own business is seriously hard work. It can be so frenetic that sometimes even things like washing the dishes or vacuuming the apartment end up going by the wayside for longer than you ought to admit. But when well-laid plans never see the light of day, it’s the worst, right? You’ve obviously created something that helps others „cure some kind of pain“ or offer a service that „ relieves some kind of pressure“. And I know you’re brilliant at it.

Does your audience have a positive experience while scrolling through your Instagram, blog or website? Does your content reflect the message you seek to send to them? Do you feel as if you’re speaking to the void and no one is listening to you? Do you feel like something is missing?
We all know how easy it is to get lost in a world of cluttered noise. And more than anything that „our“ people’s attention is precious.
Maybe you thought that once you have a logo and a website, you have a brand and are ready to go. I beg to differ … And that’s why: 
Building a brand is a long-term process. 
Knowing how to build a purpose-driven brand, a business that is driven by values is a different story, though.

I’ve been photographing people and stuff in some way or form since I was a young girl. And designing brand identities for almost ten years. Since I decided to take my own business path four years ago I helped many entrepreneurs transform their businesses for the better. I dedicate my energy and experience to creative, passionate entrepreneurs who want to build the business of their dreams and live their purpose.

I want to make a difference in how we (entrepreneurs) do business with others, how we show up and serve so that we undergo a transformation for the better and change the way how we view ourselves and others. I’ve always known that I’m destined to do something more on this earth (here we go, the idealist, that I am, I know). I believe that even the smallest bit of improvement has a positive impact in some kind on the whole world.

I’m really into cozy movie nights at home and family walks somewhere outside. I love to sleep in on weekends, to cuddle on our couch while reading a good book or to laugh with my family over the latest Big Bang Theory show in the evening.

There’s no food I love more than my morning homemade porridge with fresh fruits. No home-makeover TV show I love more than Fixer-Upper with Chip and Joanna Gains (believe me, I’m a total home-makeover TV shows junkie ). No vacation spot I love more than a comfortable and quiet one, and no ice cream flavor I love more than chocolate. I’ve experienced the meaning of unconditional love when I became a mom to my sweet son. And the way to my heart is through honesty (and maybe a piece of chocolate cake-you know, the one that’s crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside).

My name is Peppa, and I’m a photographer, educator and a branding expert currently living in imperial Vienna, Austria. And that’s me in a nutshell:

YAY! You made it to the bottom! 
Thank you so much for sticking for so long! It means the world to me!